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Your A 2 Z Team has some exciting news!

We have officially applied for the raffle to be the new occupants of Bounce Innovation Hub in Downtown Akron, Ohio! We believe this will be a wonderful opportunity to welcome clients and guests to join us on the path to living well everyday.

Our primary objective is to be named Bounce Innovation Hubs chosen Café occupants set to launch on September 7th, 2021. At A 2 Z Café we will showcase our skills to highlight Bounce’s fresh atmospheric approach by serving both new and tried-and-true dishes of A 2 Z’s menu selections.

Bounce innovation Hub in Akron, Ohio is the prime location for continuing to serve long time customers of A 2 Z L.W.S as well as inviting new locals and outsiders to enjoy food that is alive in an energetic setting.

Our future goal: To certify that A 2 Z Café is a dining destination for Ohio’s first and only ‘SHAPE ReClaimed’ Anti-Inflammatory Café featuring dishes prepared by Chef Cat, the first and only Anti-inflammatory Certified Chef in the State of Ohio. A 2 Z Café will be endorsed by the founder and CEO of ‘SHAPE ReClaimed’ and surrounding Practitioners including certified Pathfinding Nurse Bridgette’s new and existing clients. The unique opportunity to cater to the wellbeing of Northeast Ohio and beyond, will be well perceived for a time such as this, and bring a diverse market right to the doors of Bounce. This projected goal is to be launched in January of 2022.


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