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Roasting Peppers Over an Open Fire

How to: Roasted Whole Pepper

Use organic/non-GMO/local whenever possible

Take whole washed peppers and place over open flame.

Watch the skin of the pepper char and turn black.

Rotate the pepper to get all sides chard.

Don’t let your pepper catch on fire or turn grey and ashy. If it does just cut that part off.

After your pepper is black, put the whole pepper in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap or a clean towel. This will let the pepper rest, loosen the skin, and cool off.

After a few minutes, push the chard pepper skin off with your hands or the back of a knife. If you are using hot peppers, wear food safe gloves. The oils from the pepper will stick to your skin long after you're done cooking. Trust me, I have made this mistake before while cleaning hot banana peppers. I rubbed my eyes and learned how hot peppers can feel.

When you have peeled the black burnt skin off, you will be left with the original color of the slippery roasted peppers. Slice into to strips and add to your salad, homemade dressing, or on its own. Roasting the peppers allows the natural fruit sugars to shine through. This means more flavor without adding a thing!

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