Packed Lunch

Personal Chef Catering

Regain time with your loved ones

Guidance through modifying daily routines to welcome fresh changes that last

Trace the route of your cravings to the source

Determine what is qualifying as an emotional food imbalance


Accountability through food journaling, resource tools/recipes & "Chef Chats"

Delegate responsibilities of mealtime to a professional chef with nearly 2 decades of experience

Quality & dignified hospitality delivered to the comfort of your own home

Preparing Healthy Food

Solo Meal Plans

Reaching for specific health goals?

Need a tailored food plan just for you?

Family Dinner

Family Meal Plans

Striving for a cohesive meal plan that will get the whole family on track?

Healthy Food

Anti-Inflammatory Certified

Meal Plans

Receive a specific Anti Inflammatory program of food choices by Ohio's only certified AI Chef.

Stone Mortar and Pestle

Cancer Recovery Meal Plans

Whether just receiving a diagnosis or on the mend, trust our health forward chef & on staff  nurse to lead you back to health.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are raising the bar on creating expertly crafted food that not only looks & tastes good but is also health-conscious for you.

A 2 Z Living Well Solutions 


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