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Health is a Journey, Not a Destination

Walking the walk and talking the talk, is my mission. This has been a culmination of years of putting bad habits to rest and waking up to the boldness that I was made to thrive... and not just survive.

Hello, I am Chef Cat and I am the co-founder of an amazing company called A 2 Z Living Well Solutions. A 2 Z has helped thousands of people in the last 5 years put those very similar bad habits to rest. With linked arms, full belly's and open hearts we have ushered many others into a new level of health. But how? As a personal chef and dedicated professional to all things foods, I now understand how to invite people alongside of me to teach them how to thrive with what foods they put in their cart or what items they order on a menu. These life skills paired impeccably well with our amazing Pathfinding Nurse Bridgette, has been a recipe for success to share our story, and join others for the journey.


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