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Bridgette values the role that quality food, targeted supplemental guidance, and most importantly of all how much a caring ear to listen to others can aid in the growth and development of personal wellness throughout our community and all humanity. She truly is the Z to our A and imperative in the spreading of knowledge and basic nutritional concepts in a way that clients understand.


This philosophy has always guided Bridgette to rely first on God-given whole foods, herbs, and simple remedies to live by and share with others. Holistic health consultant and registered nurse, receive only the highest standard of care and coaching by Nurse Bridgette.

Bridgette Zmorowski, RN, BSN

Pathfinding Nurse

Fractional Corporate Health Coach

Restorative Health & Anti Inflammatory Certified

Certified Practitioner Seal_color_transp

Registered Nurse, Bridgette Zmorowski has been coined the “Pathfinding Nurse” due to her ability to forge new paths and map out a plan of action on her client’s journey to wellness. Each client is unique and has varying challenges. Bridgette keenly listens for intricate details that help her “think & link” and navigate the best approach for each client.

Services Offered: SHAPE ReClaimed a curtailed anti-inflammatory program, one on one & group sessions, blood/lab work, hormonal testing, personalized care plans, facial diagnosing, medication & supplement review,

access to high quality vitamins & minerals, therapeutic listening, and living well solutions.

Bridgette offers virtual telehealth coaching and consulting making it easy and convenient to schedule your appointments. Bridgette works with your schedule to help you reach your goals faster. No more time wasted driving to and from appointments. Spend time doing what you love, not waiting in a room full of strangers.

Bridgette offers weekly & monthly client check in’s that are more like conversations with a friend. Bridgette provides a safe space to celebrate successes and overcome challenges. This allows for her clients to blossom and shine.

Two are better than one! When you work with Pathfinding Nurse Bridgette you gain access to Chef Cat Alaimo.

Chef Cat is the only SHAPE ReClaimed anti-inflammatory certified chef in Ohio!

With A 2 Z Living Well Solutions I am able to meet people where they are in there health journey and help them get to where they want to go.I have a passion for life and everything in it.

My family taught me how to love everyone and pray about everything. 

Are you ready see results?

Bridgette is now accepting new clients!

Getting to know Bridgette 

I like pretty much every outdoor activity there is. I like to feel my muscles being used and my body moving. It’s also a major bonus just being outside. Everything about it is so beautiful. The multitude of trees, green grassy fields, moss and ferns, rolling hills and steep cliffs, water's babbling brook, and the serenity of God’s creatures.

Some of my favorite activities include; kayaking, playing the drums, going on walks & hiking, fixing things and using tools, restoring/repurposing stuff, traveling to new places, spending time with family and friends, helping out during my church events, studying God’s Word (Holy Bible), researching everything, reading, cooking unique dishes, going out to eat, watching funny movies, making skin & body products (chemistry intrigues me), and bird watching (hawks and eagles are my favorite).

I have been passionate about making skin care products for over 13 years. My awareness of nature’s value increased when I realized the healing power of common weeds all those years ago. This passion for healing with herbs infused with my nursing degree led to the creation A 2 Z Living Well Solutions with Chef Cat Alaimo and later Just BEZ Products.

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