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Ready To Take The Next Step?

  • Our Catering Services are available in Akron area, Northeast Ohio+

    Call for pricing
  • Managing a diagnosis from your Dr. or the urge to clean up your diet?

  • This booking is reserved for pre-paid personal chef clients only.

    25 US dollars
  • Virtual Session

    A gentle introduction to cooking like a pro in your own kitchen!

    call for pricing
  • Ask Chef Cat all of your food related questions!

    75 US dollars
  • This option is for current SHAPE ReClaimed clients.

Using a Touch Phone

Our time is valuable & so is yours. If you book a slot on our calendar, please do your best to keep your appointment or give a courtesy message if you cannot make it. We understand, life happens, but let us ask that you are considerate in this request so we can continue to serve you and our clients in a timely manner.

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