Every time you pick up a fork and knife you are investing or robbing your health, eat to live, live to eat, catering to health and wellness to improve lifestyles, sleep, toxic weight shedding, healthy thoughts and mindful actions

Who would think a Chef & Nurse have so much in common?
Well back in 2014, a bottle of red wine & a dream to ACTUALLY make lasting change in others' lives, led this dynamic duo to set out to create a legacy of change that would shake up both the Hospitality & Healthcare Industries.

Crave-worthy food, sustainable & intentional ingredients, paired with sheer passion to improve wellness on both the corporate & individual client basis is still the mission! 

Meet Our Founders

Chef Cat A.

Walking the walk & talking the talk is not just a saying, it is a lifestyle. 


Are you willing to use food as the satisfying tool for optimal health the way God intended it for you?

Chef Cat

Nurse Bridgette Z.

How much would you value a caring ear to share your life struggles?

Listening to others can aid in the growth & development of personal wellness throughout our community and all humanity. 



Purpose: To plant seeds of hope by helping others to break free from their conventional relationship with food and provide knowledge to help them dramatically improve their quality of life

Niche: Organizations and school systems with wellness funds that desire to encourage a culture of wellbeing in the workplace

Passion: To provide the highest quality of education to individuals and inspire positive changes while raising company morale as a result