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Is your company thriving & well?

Or draining your joy, their joy, & your company's profits?

Workplace Wellness for Human Resources and Benefit Specialists Health & Wellness Experts for Businesses in and around Summit Co. Ohio and Northeast Ohio and beyond!
  • Do you feel like your company is running dangerously low on morale?

  • Are you concerned for your employee's mental health?

  • Does your company run on sugar addicts, mid-day fogginess & coffee burnouts?

  • Would you like to scale up on the company health incentives, even for your remote workers?

Being proactive about your team's personal wellness will save you money.


We supply delicious food with ample resources and a powerhouse of knowledge in a "meet your where you are at" approach, all while allowing you not to waste insurance wellness dollars.

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Do you provide healthcare to your employees?

Let Insurance
Pick Up The Bill!

We are Human Resources & Benefits Specialists
Best Friend

Want to be a hero when you plan your next catered corporate event?


Are you overdue on providing quality wellness & health seminars that your team

ACTUALLY gets something out of?

Let's get creative! Save your budget! Have your health plan provider approve

us to be your wellness vendor & best of all use wellness dollars to fund the event! 


Do like so many other great companies have done—partner with us!


We provide Boxed Lunches &  Wellness Education


 No matter who picks up the tab...

Prepare yourself for your team to pat you on the back & thank you for choosing 

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