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Spice of Life

Spices have always been apart of my life as they are one of a few key components in any great recipe. Although initially, I never knew that my cravings for more essence and flavor in my food had such a high impact on my health as well. Quality, presentation, and of course taste are all vital elements in creating the perfect dish with A 2 Z Living Well Solutions Ltd. It is crucial knowledge how to share and convey the importance of nutrient dense foods and how to positively affect my own health and the health of our clients.

Through my research and prior knowledge I know that spices have been around for centuries and they were not always used just to season a dish. Not only with the historical spice trade starting in Asia and eventually becoming a very lucrative trade item all the way to Europe. In earlier periods from medieval ages where the majority of spices were used to cover the taste of rotting meat, to present times where spices not only add exceptional flavor, but also contribute to a healthier life style.

Through my examinations, spices affect the body in numerous way and can even assist in regulating your metabolism. Allowing spices to play an important role in sending signals of fullness to a part of the brain. This area of the brain is called the satiety center, and when it is unsatisfied the craving to eat more is much more apparent. One major factor that stimulates the satiety center is aroma. Proving that the more aromatic your food is from spices, the stronger signal of satisfaction and urge to consume less food.

This is an area A 2 Z Living Well Solutions Ltd. strives on-sharing the blessing of our senses! Clients often comment on the great aromas from the kitchen when we arrive on site and start our in-home cooking service. THANKS!

The variety of spices and our availability to them, make us very fortunate in this present day. Although, I personally would have loved to experience "The Spice Trade" era, and used some awesome garlic powder as a form of bartering for some lamb or something else delicious! But we are especially fortunate that spices are still to this day valued as such super foods. Since nutrients present in most foods has declined due to depleted soils, the wide variety of spices that we can use to accompany these foods with their added health benefits, should make eating them an added bonus of nutritious and delicious foods.

A 2 Z proudly sources our spices from Ohio Valley Chef Products, we encourage you to check out our purveyors and resources! We strive to remain transparent and honest about where YOUR food comes from.

Additionally, if there are any special spice blends you would like to customize, please send us an email or message on our Contact Page, or at 216.375.7728 or

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