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SHAPE ReClaimed Program

SHAPE ReClaimed Program

Ohio State Registered Nurse Bridgette has been coined a “Pathfinding Nurse” due to her ability to map out the varying pathways on the journey to a more holistic health approach each client comes with. .

Nurse Bridgette has a virtual practice in “seeing” SHAPE ReClaimed clients. All clients receive a complimentary 15 minute phone consult, upon terms of both parties, Nurse Bridgette is gladly accepting new SHAPE ReClaimed Clients and offers 2 complete package options to start your successful SHAPE journey today! 

Nurse Bridgette keenly listens for intricate details that help her “think & link” and navigate the best approach for each client.

Her weekly client check in’s are more like a conversation with an old friend, and encourages accountability and openness. This allows for her clients to open up in a safe place and to weather the course together.

Nurse Bridgette works closely with her partner Chef Cat, co founder to their wellness catering company. Chef Cat has been accepted by SHAPE ReClaimed as a certified SHAPE approved Chef. Cat is available to assist any SHAPE client during their journey among the SHAPE family of practitioners. Please follow her at

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