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At A 2 Z Living Well Solutions Ltd., we believe that culture is the key to unlocking full potential in today’s modern business society. A 2 Z captures the audiences of large groups such as schools and corporations that aim to elevate, inspire, and encourage positive change within the confines of their organization. A 2 Z’s experts have established fundamental ways of modifying lifestyle behavior through the knowledge that food is medicine.  A 2 Z is on the cutting edge of catering & health distribution material and lifestyle training. Clean, whole food is our catalyst, but it is truly the knowledge we share that resonates with our clients.

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Are you overdue on providing quality wellness & health seminars that your team ACTUALLY gets something out of?

Let's get creative! Save your budget! Have your health plan provider approve us to be your wellness vendor & best of all use wellness dollars to fund the event! 


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We provide Boxed Lunches &  Wellness Education


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Our Food is your Staff's Fuel

"Love the food that loves you back."

                          -Pathfinding Nurse Bridgette

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Give the Message of Health

The founders combine their knowledge and extensive experience in healthcare and hospitality to educate clients by leading individuals toward their own journey toward living a healthier lifestyle. A 2 Z has been called “more than caterers”, due to their nurturing passion for optimal wellness.

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"Absolutely love A2Z’s creations!! Healthy and delicious.💕"

— Terri Wilson


"Have been enjoying an array of healthy foods for years now and HIGHLY recommend them. Yum!"

— Maple Heights City

School District

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