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This anti-inflammatory program empowers you to have a healthy relationship with food while you heal. Benefits of SHAPE ReClaimed are reduced inflammation, cleansing & detoxification, strengthening immunity, and releasing of toxic weight & best of all improving mental clarity. 


Everyone's needs are different, shouldn't your supplements be unique to what you need? Clinically and state trained, Pathfinder Nurse Bridgette uses her years of experience to identify your individual bio-markers to see what your body benefits from. 

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Skin Nurturing Products

Bridgette  searched for a tangible product that would give her the results she knew were possible. As a teenager Bridgette suffered from a skin condition that proved to be incurable to conventional medicine.


Bridgette started diving deep into the fundamentals and history of essential oils, raw herbs, & and their healing properties. She learned that her cure was available the whole time from dandelions in her backyard. Bridgette stopped searching and got started in the laboratory.


Initially Just BEZ Products (JBP for short) was intended for close family friends, but over time more and more people learned of JBP ability to capture nature in a jar.  Bridgette says "this is just an extension of my nursing care".

JBP strives to deliver natural & effective skin care products for men and women of all ages. Honoring our bodies and nature as God intended for us.

JBP highlights the positive features in everything we are blessed with. By being thankful for nature we are able to produce wonderful products. JBP offers the best of nature, captured and brought into your home. Who says nature cannot be rugged and luxurious at the same time.

Every customer will have positive, sensational, & lasting impression of JBP quality, creativity, and plant power.