Additionally Nurse Bridgette is the Owner & Operator of a Holistic Skincare Co. Just BEZ Products Ltd.

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Bridgette hails from a multi-generational lineage of nurses & healthcare professionals. To grow up  surrounded by her mother, both grandmothers, and two aunts, it was no surprise that her natural inclination to help others would be to follow in those  very strong women's footprints who understood the adversities in the medical world, and had the heart and work ethic to prove it. Challenged to build on her already strong foundation of the medical world, Nurse Bridgette  realized she sought  out for deeper knowledge  beyond the classic  clinical world. Although quickly excelling, her gut feeling was to look deeper at health as not just a whole  business system, but to look at  each patient and measure what the state of their whole wellbeing rated.  After  almost a decade in clinical practice, Nurse Bridgette felt the calling to get to the root of the problem! This is when she realized  her true passion is a more holistic and whole body approach. This philosophy has always guided Bridgette to rely first on God given whole foods, herbs, and simple remedies to live by and share with others.

When asked Who is Bridgette-  The Pathfinding Nurse,

in her own words she shares:

One of my first memories was with Dr. Barbie 1994 that had a stethoscope that played a heartbeat recording. I was 3 years old then and I knew at that moment I was destined to be a healer. I needed to explore and have anything and everything medical. Throughout grade school I took CPR and first aid classes keeping up to date and helping with every booboo in town. In high school I went to vocational school for nursing and learned the ins and outs of patient care and became a state tested nursing assistant. During highschool I was introduced to the herbal and essential oil world of healing. I didn’t know how it would fit in to my practice but I held on to those nuggets of knowledge and used these tidbits of info where I could. While working as an aid I eventually graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing  from Kent State University.  I moved on to work in a nursing home, rehab, and assisted living before reaching my dream job of working at a major hospital In Cleveland. All the while  After excelling and achieving patient satisfaction recognitions 

With a devotion to humanity, my top priority is to contribute and improve the  state of  America's health & wellness . I strive to nurture the mind, body, & soul and to honor all people,  while enhancing the quality of lives of others through utilizing my God given compassion and devotion to help aid in the healing of others.


-Bridgette Zmoroswki RN, BSN

Bridgette values the role that quality food plays for the growth and development of personal wellness throughout community and humanity. Seeing a bright future in A 2 Z Living Well Solutions Ltd. she was eager to build on this concept with Chef Cat. She truly is the Z to our A and imperative in the spreading of knowledge and basic nutritional concepts in a way that clients understand.


Zmorowski RN, Bsn, Lehp

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