Chef Catheryn “Cat” Alaimo began cooking at a very young age as she received "counter top lessons" from her Italian family members. Her creativity and desire to serve others landed her a position as the youngest female on the front line of a large Northeast Ohio restaurant. To keep the momentum, Cat advanced into a collegiate setting, which led her to study restaurant & hospitality at Chicago’s own Robert Morris University Illinois. While in Chicago, Cat took advantage of every opportunity to learn-from the art of fine dining cuisine all the way to managing a farm kitchen. During this time she had the honor of working alongside some of Chicago’s best chefs.


Desiring to “bring home the bacon” to her hometown of Northeast Ohio, Cat worked day and night with family and friends to open a successful wine bar leading as the Executive Chef in Solon, Ohio. At the wine bar, Chef Cat developed a palate for pairing artisanal foods to wine and beverages for specialty menus. After building a strong foundation at the wine bar Chef Cat found herself ready for her next project.


She was led to a position as Corporate Chef at the headquarters of a lighting innovation company. Here, she was in charge of all in-house business gatherings, café services, and private dining for the CEO. With an agenda to bring wholesome nutritious foods to the workforce, she began to expand her thinking on her own health. Faced with her own struggles with weight and desiring to lead a healthful life herself, Chef Cat began to focus more purposefully on connecting people with food that fueled their body and mind.  She wanted to share her experience with others on a larger level. She wanted to work for a leading a company that allowed her to share her gusto for great seasonal food, that lasted beyond a ‘one meal experience’. Chef Cat then realized to create this work environment, she would have to create it herself. Embarking on this experience, she became an entrepreneur in 2016 & established her own personal chef & catering business, A 2 Z Living Well Solutions Ltd. 

Cat Alaimo

Chef | Co-Founder | Owner

 A 2 Z Living Well Solutions continues to grow in the local community and cultivate meaningful business relations. Contributing to local farm markets, teaching cooking demonstrations for large corporate events, & providing full service catering events- Chef Cat reaches various audiences who learns firsthand- by incorporating the best elements of taste and engaging with our clients interactively,  we create nutritional menu options, utilizing local farms and guide our clients and their families to live a more health conscious lifestyle. 

  • We provide information you can really chew on!

  • Presenting fresh flavorful food with healthy alternative ingredients

  • Sharing a “meet you where you are at” approach, our curriculums have a broad spectrum to choose from

  • A 2 Z offers the best food & lifestyle choices without following fads or short term protocols with wavering sustainability

  • We use our God given talents to transform health through taste; one bite at a time